Saturday, December 3, 2011

College Football Recap - 12/5/11

There is no disputing who is No. 1, but after that let the confusion begin. Are we really going to have Alabama play LSU again for the championship after we saw what Oklahoma St. did to Oklahoma. Not to mention Alabama already lost to LSU, ON THEIR HOME FIELD. It's the same crap, different year and it isn't going to change until the BCS idiots are ousted, the bowls terminated and the University Presidents decide they want to make some real money.

Let's compare resumes of the 1 loss teams:

Wins Over Teams With Winning Records:
Alabama - Arkansas, Penn State, Auburn.
Oklahoma St. - Kansas St., Oklahoma, Baylor, Tulsa, Louisiana Lafayette, Missouri, Texas.
Boise St. - Georgia, Toledo, Wyoming, San Diego St., Tulsa, Air Force, Nevada.
Stanford - USC, Notre Dame, Washington, Cal
Houston - Louisiana Tech, Tulsa, SMU

I think when it comes down to it you can't overlook Oklahoma State's resume. They beat 7 teams with winning records and Alabama beat 3 and this week's rankings back it up with Oklahoma St. ranked 2 and Alabama 5.

1 LSU 22
2 Oklahoma St. 14.5
3 Boise St. 13.5
4 TCU 11
5 Alabama 8.75
6 Wisconsin 8
7 USC 8
8 Stanford 7.5
9 Oregon 7.25
10 Clemson 7
11 Virginia Tech 7
12 Oklahoma 6
13 Nebraska 6
14 Houston 5.5
15 Southern Miss. 5
16 Michigan St. 5
17 Baylor 4.5
18 Arkansas 4.25
19 Michigan 4
20 Kansas St. 3.5
21 South Carolina 3
22 Georgia 1.75
23 Arkansas St. 1.5
24 Auburn 0.75
25 Penn St. 0.5
26 West Virginia 0.25
27 Notre Dame -1.5
28 Northern Illinois -1.5
29 Wyoming -1.5
30 Tulsa -2
31 Texas -4
32 Georgia Tech -2.5
33 Virginia -2.5
34 San Diego St. -3
35 Cincinatti -4.5
36 Toledo -4.5
37 Rutgers -4.5
38 Lousiana Lafayette -4.5
39 Washington -4.5
40 BYU -5
41 Lousiana Tech -5
42 SMU -5
43 North Carolina St. -5
44 North Carolina -5
45 Western Kentucky -6.25
46 Missouri -6.5
47 Louisville -6.5
48 Florida St. -7
49 Florida International -7
50 California -7
51 Ohio -7.5
52 Air Force -7.5
53 Iowa -7.5
54 Temple -8.5
55 Utah -8.5
56 Utah St. -9
57 Nevada -9
58 Western Michigan -10.5

As for the Heisman, none of the offense players are locking it down, but on the other hand the Honey Badger did it again and he has been the best and most dominant player on the best and most dominant team so my vote goes to:

The Honey Badger, Tyrann Mathieu.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Storage Wars: Inside Info

So like everyone else in the world I am a big fan of the show Storage Wars. So I decided to get off the couch and get into the trenches. After losing out on 8 auctions (including one I really wanted with a bunch of stuffed Geese) we came to the last storage locker. The locker didn't look too promising and most people started to leave, but in the back corner I saw a box with a note that said "Bart's Ring". Go time for jonobeingjono. $20 going once, going twice and boom real housewife of Lehi jumps into the fray "$30", we go back and forth and $140 later I take her down. I head to the office, pay for the locker, sprint (okay jog) back to my purchase, proceed immediately to the box, clear everything off it and on top it says "wedding rings"....uh oh. Rip it open and not only did I find Bart's Ring but I also got Margaret's:

Bling Bling Baby!

Now on to the show. For all those like me who are dying to know.....what does Barry Weiss do? He made his money in the produce business as an owner and vice president of "About Northern Produce - Mushroom Inc." and also has always been in the antique business, and he has the highest net worth of anyone on the show.

Alleged Net Worth of the Characters:
1. Barry Weiss - $7,000,000
2. Dan Dotson - $3,500,000
3. Dave Hester - $2,500,000
4. Darrell Sheets - $1,500,000
5. Jarrod & Brandi - $700,000 (and does anyone else wonder how Jarrod landed Brandi?)

Dave Hester owns a 1700 square foot home in Placentia with an approximate value of $470,000, however he has loans against the house totaling approximately $690,000 and in 2009 the house went into foreclosure before he was able to pull it out.

Dave Hester in the Courts:
- Sued in 2009 by American Express on a collections case.
- Sued in 2011 along with Newport consignment on a personal injury case, looks like a slip and fall case at the shop.
- Got a DUI in 2005.
- The most interesting legal matter is the current battle with rapper Trey Songz over his use of Yuuup. Trey Songz seems to claim that he has a claim to Yuuup and sent Hester a cease and desist. Hester responded by filing a lawsuit in Federal Court to have the Court legally declare that Yuuup is his. You be the judge:


Trey Songz:

That is pretty close, you might have a problem Hester, stay tuned on how this important and likely precedent setting litigation turns out (oh and Trey let me know if you need anything from Lexus Lawyer).

Now that I'm in the distressed goods business, if anyone is interested I've got the following: 35 pounds of wheat - $20; Mini-TV $25; Boggle $2; Miracle of Forgiveness $3 (I may or may not have been compelled to already read it); Random wedding and kid pictures $15; 1.5 karat diamond wedding ring $4,000. Hit me up.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The X-Factor: Astro Memorial

If you don't watch the X-factor you are seriously missing out. It is geniusly produced and choreographed to make you feel emotion and I feel it every episode, hook, line and sinker.

Last night Middle America voted out my man Astro which is a real shame. So the kid has a little swag, what great rapper doesn't? I may be the biggest Astronaut there is, I mean check this out:

Astro make me:

And finally the best love song ever sung, a love song to hip hop:

I'll be missing you!


Your No. 1 Astronaut.

Monday, November 28, 2011

College Football Recap - 11/28/11

It is not even close anymore for No. 1:

LSU played by far the best schedule. They didn't have to, but they played Oregon (Pac-12 Champ) and West Virginia (Big East Champ).

BCS Flaw:
For those interested each conference can only have 2 BCS bids, so what happens if Georgia beats LSU? There is an exception to the 2 team rule and it is if the two non-champions are ranked #1 and #2 as would likely be the case with LSU and Alabama. Leave it to the BCS to make an exception for two NON-CHAMPIONS to be ranked #1 and #2 in their rankings.

I am not seeing the love that everyone has for Alabama, they have 3 wins over teams with winning records, their best win...Arkansas. Boise St. has 7 wins over teams with winning records, and their best win...Georgia. We here don't want a rematch, if you couldn't beat them at home you don't deserve another chance.

This weeks big mover is, unfortunately, BYU, up 16 spots, but we can take solace in the fact that their best win this year was Utah State.

This Weeks Ranking:
1 LSU 19
2 Boise St. 14.5
3 Oklahoma St. 13
4 TCU 11
5 Alabama 8.75
6 Oklahoma 8.5
7 Virginia Tech 8.5
8 USC 8
9 Stanford 7.5
10 Oregon 7.25
11 Nebraska 7
12 Houton 6.5
13 Michigan St. 6
14 Wisconsin 5.5
15 Baylor 5.5
16 Kansas St. 5
17 Michigan 4.5
18 Arkansas 4.25
19 South Carolina 4
20 Clemson 4
21 Arkansas St. 2
22 Georgia 2
23 Auburn 0.75
24 Penn St. 0.5
25 West Virginia 0.25
26 Southern Miss. -0.5
27 Notre Dame -0.5
28 Texas -0.5
29 Tulsa -1.25
30 Wyoming -1.5
31 Virginia -2
32 Georgia Tech -2
33 San Diego St. -3
34 Northern Illinois -3.5
35 Rutgers -3.5
36 Missouri -4
37 Iowa State -4
38 BYU -4.5
39 Cincinatti -4.5
40 Toledo -4.5
41 Lousiana Lafayette -4.5
42 Washington -4.5
43 North Carolina -4.5
44 Lousiana Tech -4.75
45 SMU -4.75
46 North Carolina St. -5
47 Iowa -5.5
48 Ohio -6
49 Western Kentucky -6.25
50 Florida St. -6.5
51 Louisville -6.5
52 Florida International -7
53 Air Force -7
54 California -7
55 Temple -8
56 Utah -8.5
57 Utah St. -9
58 Nevada -9
59 Western Michigan -10.5

The Heisman is pretty wide open this year and I am changing up and going Defense:
1. Tyrann Mathieu: The Honey Badger has 5 forced fumbles 2 picks and a punt return, he has been the most dominant player on the most dominant team.
2. Case Keenum: 393 YPG, 43 Touchdowns to 3 Interceptions, very impressive, but not great competition.
3. Robert Griffin
4. Montee Ball
5. Andrew Luck

Game to watch for this week Oregon v. UCLA, history might be made as a team playing for a conference championship ends up with a losing record or even better a 7-6 team going to the Rose Bowl.

Monday, November 21, 2011

College Football Recap - 11/21/11

LSU, back on top after Oklahoma St.'s loss to Iowa State. The biggest move up this week was North Carolina St., who jumped 23 spots.

1 LSU 17
2 Oklahoma St. 16.5
3 Boise St. 14.5
4 TCU 12
5 Alabama 10.75
6 Oklahoma 10.5
7 USC 10.5
8 Michigan 10
9 Virginia Tech 10
10 Nebraska 9.5
11 Oregon 9.25
12 Michigan St. 9
13 Clemson 7.5
14 Penn St. 7.5
15 Kansas St. 7.5
16 Arkansas 7
17 Baylor 7
18 Stanford 6.5
19 Houton 5
20 Wisconsin 4.5
21 Notre Dame 4
22 Auburn 3.75
23 Arkansas St. 3.5
24 South Carolina 3
25 Rutgers 3
26 Texas 2
27 Georgia Tech 2
28 West Virginia 1.75
29 Texas A&M 1
30 Virginia 1
31 Southern Miss. 0.5
32 Georgia 0.5
33 North Carolina 0
34 Cincinatti -1
35 Tulsa -1
36 Miami -1
37 Iowa -1
38 Missouri -1
39 Wyoming -1
40 Ohio St. -1.5
41 Lousiana Lafayette -1.5
42 Illinois -1.5
43 Iowa State -1.5
44 North Carolina St. -2
45 Northern Illinois -2.5
46 Toledo -2.5
47 San Diego St. -2.5
48 Arizona St. -3.5
49 Utah -3.5
50 Washington -3.5
51 Lousiana Tech -3.75
52 SMU -3.75
53 Florida St. -4
54 BYU -4
55 Louisville -4
56 Syracuse -4.5
57 Ball St. -4.5
58 Florida -4.75
59 Ohio -5
60 South Florida -5
61 Wake Forest -5
62 Western Kentucky -5.25
63 California -5.5
64 UCLA -5.75
65 Temple -6
66 Pittsburgh -6
67 Northwestern -6
68 Air Force -6
69 Florida International -6.5
70 Nevada -6.5
71 Utah St. -8.5
72 Western Michigan -8.5
73 Eastern Michigan -8.5

Heisman Top 5:
1. Case Keenum
2. Robert Griffin
3. Montee Ball
4. LaMichael James
5. Russell Wilson

Monday, November 14, 2011

College Football Recap - 11/14/11

The Cowboys are back on top. With Boise St. and Stanford losing the BCS gotta be scared right now. The biggest move up this week goes to South Florida and my beloved Utes, both moved up 17 spots.

Top 25:
1 Oklahoma St. 21.5
2 LSU 19.5
3 Oklahoma 15.5
4 Oregon 14.25
5 TCU 13.5
6 Alabama 13.25
7 Boise St. 13
8 Nebraska 12.5
9 Michigan 12
10 Clemson 12
11 Michigan St. 10.5
12 Virginia Tech 9.5
13 Penn St. 9.5
14 USC 8.5
15 Arkansas 8
16 Kansas St. 7.25
17 Stanford 7
18 Southern Miss. 7
19 Wisconsin 5.5
20 Notre Dame 5.5
21 South Carolina 5.5
22 Auburn 5.25
23 Houton 5
24 Georgia 5
25 Texas 4.75
26 Texas A&M 4.25
27 Arkansas St. 4
28 Georgia Tech 4
29 West Virginia 3.75
30 Baylor 3.25
31 Washington 2.5
32 Tulsa 1.75
33 Cincinatti 1.5
34 Ohio St. 1.5
35 Rutgers 1.5
36 Illinois 1.5
37 Missouri 1.25
38 Texas Tech 1.25
39 North Carolina 1
40 South Florida 0.5
41 Wyoming 0.5
42 Miami 0
43 Arizona St. -0.5
44 Virginia -0.5
45 Utah -1
46 Iowa -1
47 Toledo -1
48 Ball St. -1
49 Lousiana Lafayette -1.25
50 UCLA -1.25
51 Florida St. -1.5
52 San Diego St. -2
53 SMU -2
54 Nevada -2.5
55 Mississippi St. -2.75
56 Iowa State -3
57 Louisville -3
58 Wake Forest -3
59 Northern Illinois -3.5
60 BYU -3.5
61 Pittsburgh -3.5
62 Syracuse -3.5
63 Purdue -3.5
64 Florida -3.75
65 Vanderbilt -4
66 California -4
67 North Carolina St. -4
68 Ohio -4.5
69 Northwestern -4.5
70 Lousiana Tech -4.75
71 Temple -5
72 Western Michigan -5
73 Eastern Michigan -5
74 Western Kentucky -5.25
75 Air Force -6
76 Florida International -6.5
77 Utah St. -7
78 UTEP -7.75
79 Hawaii -9.5
80 Connecticut -11

Top 25 Conference breakdown:
SEC: 6
Big 10: 5
Big 12: 4
Pac 12: 3
Mtn. West: 2
ACC: 2
Conf. USA: 2
Independent: 1
Big East: 0
Sun Belt: 0
MAC: 0
WAC: 0

Yet the Big East still has an automatic bid to the BCS and teams like BYU are talking about climbing aboard this sinking ship. What a system.

Has anyone else considered that if UCLA loses to USC and Arizona St. loses one more game that UCLA will go to the Pac-12 championship with a 6-6 record and when they lose to Oregon will not be bowl eligible? That would be priceless.

Top 25 matchups to watch for:
#8 Nebraska at #9 Michigan (I got Nebraska)
#14 USC at #4 Oregon (I got Oregon)
#16 Kansas St. at #25 Texas (I'll go Texas)

Heisman Top 5:
Andrew Luck took a big hit getting blown out at Oregon. My Top 5 this week:

1. Case Keenum
2. Robert Griffin
3. Montee Ball
4. LaMichael James
5. Justin Blackmon

It was a crazy week with the Penn State scandal. In my opinion Paterno had to go. Don't get it twisted it was a cover-up. They all knew, and did not do enough to get Sandusky out of there. He was lifting weights on campus a week ago....are you for real? McQueary, you are still there, do you not remember finding him anally raping a kid and you are just cool with him being around?

This moment, for me, did Joe in:

Did he just say: “The kids that were victims or whatever they say, I think we ought to say a prayer for them. Tough life, when people do certain things to you. Anyway, you’ve been great. Everything’s great, all right.”

Yeah Joe I think most of us would consider ten year old kids being raped as victims or whatever.

Sandusky is sick but what McQueary and Paterno did is also sick, this should have never continued.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Top 25 - 11/7/11

With their big 9-6 win over Bama, LSU moves back to No. 1. We have included all the team rankings this week. Once you hit six losses you are ineligible which leaves 88 teams ranked at this point.

Many of the talking heads are calling for a LSU/Bama rematch for the Championship. This is a knee jerk illogical reaction. Alabama really hasn't played that difficult of a schedule and they lost at home, why should they get a rematch, they had their chance and lost.

1 LSU 24
2 Oklahoma St. 21
3 Oklahoma 20
4 Boise St. 16.5
5 Alabama 14.75
6 Penn St. 12.75
7 Clemson 12.5
8 Nebraska 11
9 Virginia Tech 11
10 Oregon 10.75
11 Michigan 10
12 Arkansas 10
13 Stanford 9.5
14 South Carolina 9.5
15 Texas 9.25
16 TCU 9
17 Southern Miss. 9
18 Michigan St. 9
19 USC 8.25
20 Kansas St. 8.25
21 Auburn 8.25
22 Houston 8
23 Notre Dame 7.5
24 Texas A&M 7.25
25 Georgia 6.75
26 Cincinnati 6.5
27 Wisconsin 6
28 Georgia Tech 6
29 North Carolina 6
30 Ohio St. 5.5
31 Illinois 5.5
32 Washington 4.75
33 Rutgers 4
34 Baylor 3.75
35 Arizona St. 3.5
36 Miami 3.5
37 Tulsa 3.5
38 Louisville 3
39 Arkansas St. 2.5
40 SMU 2.5
41 Texas Tech 2.5
42 West Virginia 2.25
43 Toledo 2.25
44 Virginia 2
45 Marshall 1.25
46 Missouri 0.75
47 North Carolina St. 0.75
48 Iowa 0.5
49 UCLA 0.5
50 Wyoming 0.5
51 Florida 0.25
52 Lousiana Lafayette 0.25
53 Tennessee 0.25
54 Syracuse 0
55 Iowa State 0
56 Mississippi St. -0.25
57 South Florida -0.5
58 Wake Forest -0.5
59 Ball St. -0.5
60 Florida St. -1
61 San Diego St. -1
62 Utah -1
63 Northern Illinois -1.5
64 Western Michigan -1.5
65 BYU -2
66 Pittsburgh -2.5
67 Nevada -2.75
68 California -3
69 Northwestern -3
70 Ohio -3.5
71 Vanderbilt -3.5
72 Florida International -3.5
73 Western Kentucky -3.5
74 Eastern Michigan -3.5
75 Lousiana Tech -3.75
76 Temple -4
77 Purdue -4
78 Air Force -4.25
79 East Carolina -4.25
80 Utah St. -5
81 Kentucky -5.75
82 UTEP -6.25
83 Connecticut -6.5
84 Bowling Green -6.5
85 Hawaii -7.5
86 UCF -8.5
87 Colorado St. -10.25
88 Miami Ohio -10.5

Monday, October 31, 2011

Top 25 - 10/31/11

1 Oklahoma St.
3 Boise St.
4 Oklahoma
5 Alabama
6 Stanford
7 Nebraska
8 Penn St.
9 Clemson
10 Virginia Tech
11 Michigan
12 South Carolina
13 Michigan St.
14 Kansas St.
15 Houston
16 North Carolina
17 Oregon
18 USC
19 Arkansas
20 Texas A&M
21 Auburn
22 Georgia
23 Southern Miss.
24 Georgia Tech
25 Notre Dame

Everybody is hyping LSU v. Alabama who are #1 and #2 in the BCS, but here it is only #2 v. #5. Oklahoma St. has regained the No. 1 spot for now. Other Top 25 match-ups this week include #12 South Carolina v. #19 Arkansas, #1 Oklahoma St. v. #14 Kansas St. and #4 Oklahoma v. #20 Texas A&M.

Monday, October 24, 2011

TOp 25 - 10/24/11

1 LSU 22.5
2 Alabama 21.5
3 Oklahoma St. 21.5
4 Boise St. 20
5 Clemson 18
6 Oklahoma 16
7 Kansas St. 15.5
8 Virginia Tech 15.25
9 Penn St. 14.75
10 Stanford 14.5
11 Texas A&M 14.25
12 Michigan 14
13 South Carolina 13.5
14 Houton 12.5
15 Michigan St. 12
16 Nebraska 12
17 USC 12
18 Oregon 11.25
19 Notre Dame 10.5
20 Auburn 10.5
21 Arkansas 10.25
22 Wisconsin 10
23 Georgia 9.75
24 Southern Miss. 9.5
25 Syracuse 9.5

Monday, October 17, 2011

Top 25 - 10/17/11

1 LSU 21.5
2 Alabama 20.5
3 Oklahoma St. 20.5
4 Boise St. 19.5
5 Oklahoma 19
6 Clemson 18
7 Virginia Tech 16.25
8 Michigan 16
9 South Carolina 15
10 Kansas St. 15
11 Nebraska 14.25
12 Penn St. 14.25
13 Stanford 13.5
14 Georgia Tech 13
15 Texas A&M 12.75
16 Houton 12.5
17 Notre Dame 12.5
18 Texas 12.5
19 Auburn 11.75
20 Illinois 11.5
21 Arizona St. 11.5
22 North Carolina 11.5
23 USC 11.5
24 Oregon 11.25
25 Georgia 11.25

Heisman Top 5:
1. Robert Griffin
2. Case Keenum
3. Trent Richardson
4. Ryan Broyles
5. Andrew Luck

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seal Beach Tragedy

For those interested in more info on the crazy shooter in Seal Beach, I have done some research and his name is Scott Dekraai.

Here is what we know:

Scott Dekraai was divorced from a Kristen Dekraai on 9/13/99, which was 12 years ago.

The alleged target was named as his ex wife "Michelle Dekraai", but there is no record in Orange County for a divorce from a Michelle Dekraai, unless Michelle is Kristen's middle name.

The supposed custody battle leading to the attack is over a 7 to 8 year son, who was apparently conceived after the divorce unless Michelle Dekraai is someone different than Kristen Dekraai. Yet there is no custody case pending in Orange County.

Scott Dekraai has now remarried a Luzviminda Dekraai and they own a house in Huntington Beach at 16212 Melody Lane, Huntington Beach. It was purchased by Scott in April 2008 for $629,000 and he took out a loan of $315,000, his new wife was eventually added to the title. They also recently purchased a home for $495,000 at 20720 Nectar Avenue in Lakewood with a loan of $242,000. Our guy Scott has some money.

Contrary to news reports there is no person with the last name Dekraai licensed by the California board of cosmetology.

Something appears to be off in what is being reported, I think the current wife (Luzviminda) must be the same Michelle being talked about and he was out to get someone associated with her at the salon. Convertible BMW Laywer (Lincoln Lawyer's main competition) is on the case, we'll try to get some more details to figure this thing out.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Top 25 - 10/10/11

Alabama is the first team to go back to back weeks at No. 1. The biggest move up was Penn St., moving up 9 spots.

1 Alabama 22
2 LSU 20
3 Michigan 19.5
4 Oklahoma 17.5
5 Illinois 17.5
6 Oklahoma St. 17
7 Clemson 16.5
8 Notre Dame 16.25
9 Boise St. 16
10 Georgia Tech 16
11 Texas 14.75
12 South Carolina 14.5
13 North Carolina 14.25
14 Nebraska 14.25
15 Houston 13.5
16 Arizona St. 13.25
17 Penn St. 12.75
18 Wisconsin 12.5
19 Kansas St. 12.5
20 Stanford 12
21 Arkansas 11.75
22 Virginia Tech 11.75
23 Auburn 11.75
24 Southern Miss. 11
25 Rutgers 11

And Heisman Top 5:
1. Robert Griffin
2. LaMichael James
3. Case Keenum
4. Robert Woods
5. Kendall Wright

There are not an abundance of good matchups this week, the only game between Top 25 teams is #6 Oklahoma St. v. #11 Texas and free parking will be in attendance.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Didn't I Warn You

So a couple of years ago on this here blog I warned all landlords about Real Housewife Lynne Curtin. Well she did it again, Eviction No. 4:

Jacalyn Robbins v. Frank Curtin and Lynne Curtin; Orange County Superior Court Case No. 30-2011-00458887.

The Plaintiff hired eviction attorney Steven Silverstein, who Mr. Free Parking has had many cases with (the last court appearance I had with him, he showed up in a polo shirt). The Curtins settled the matter, agreeing to move out, however failed to comply with the settlement and judgment was eventually entered against them.

Wasn't she saying last season that business was booming????

We'll be on the lookout for #5.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Tops 25 - 10/3/11

1 Alabama 20
2 Michigan 19
3 Clemson 18.5
4 LSU 17
5 Illinois 17
6 Georgia Tech 16
7 Texas 16
8 South Carolina 16
9 Oklahoma 15.5
10 Oklahoma St. 15
11 Wisconsin 13.5
12 Boise St. 13.5
13 Notre Dame 13.25
14 Nebraska 13.25
15 Auburn 13.25
16 Stanford 13
17 Washington 13
18 Florida 12.25
19 North Carolina 12.25
20 Kansas St. 11.5
21 Houton 11.5
22 USC 11.5
23 West Virginia 11.25
24 Arizona St. 10.75
25 Virginia Tech 10.75

The win over Florida was enough to propel Alabama to No. 1 this week. Their whole starting defense is going to NFL and they are looking pretty tight right now.

Heisman Top 5:
1. Robert Griffin (20 incomplete passes v. 18 touchdown passes, pretty incredible numbers)
2. Case Keenum (401 YPG, undefeated and #21 ranking)
3. LaMichael James (164 Rushing YPG and 8 TD, 14 Receiving YPG and 1 TD and punt return TD, he does it all)
4. Kendall Wright (Leads in Touchdowns 7 and receiving YPG 155)
5. Robert Woods (Leads in Receptions 55 and yards 747)

Game of the week is #7 Texas v. #9 Oklahoma

Monday, September 26, 2011

Top 25 9/26/11

It's great to see the OBC back at the top.

Justin Blackmon is only 21 but I think he may be even more of a man than the 40 year old Mike Gundy. He looks like a top 5 pick.

For those of you wondering if it was a good idea for Utah to leave for the Pac 12, take a look at the MWC this week: Exhibit A - Sam Houston St. over New Mexico; Exhibit B: Southern Utah University over UNLV. Some of you may not know that Mr. Free Parking spent some of his formative years at SUU and I'm sure there was a party at Manzanita or the Birdhouses or Brad's Slut Hut after the big victory, nice work T-Birds.

Top 25 For This Week:
1 South Carolina 18.5
2 Oklahoma St. 17
3 Michigan 17
4 Alabama 16.5
5 Florida 15.5
6 LSU 14.5
7 Nebraska 14.5
8 Georgia Tech 13.5
9 South Florida 13.5
10 Clemson 13
11 Illinois 13
12 Texas 12.5
13 USC 12.5
14 Virginia Tech 12
15 Florida International 12
16 Oklahoma 11.5
17 Stanford 11
18 Houton 11
19 Auburn 11
20 Wisconsin 10.5
21 Boise St. 10.5
22 Iowa State 9.5
23 Penn St. 9.25
24 Baylor 9
25 Notre Dame 9

Heisman Top 5:
1. Robert Griffin (Again)
2. Marcus Lattimore
3. LaMichael James
4. Case Keenum
5. Denard Robinson

Matchups to watch this week: #19 Auburn at #1 South Carolina; #4 Alabama at #5 Florida; #10 Clemson at #14 Virginia Tech; #12 Texas at #22 Iowa State; and #7 Nebraska at #20 Wisconsin. 5 Top 25 matchups should make for a good week.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Top 25 - 9/19/11

The Wolverines are back

1 Michigan 14
2 USC 14
3 Oklahoma St. 13.5
4 Texas 13.5
5 Florida International 13.5
6 South Carolina 13.5
7 Florida 13
8 Wisconsin 12.5
9 Stanford 12
10 Houton 12
11 Alabama 11.5
12 North Carolina 10
13 Georgia Tech 9.5
14 Oklahoma 9.5
15 South Florida 9.5
16 West Virginia 9.5
17 LSU 9.5
18 San Diego St. 9.5
19 Iowa State 9.5
20 TCU 9.25
21 Texas A&M 9
22 Clemson 9
23 Nebraska 9
24 Illinois 9
25 Auburn 8.75

As for the Heisman:
I still Like:

1. Robert Griffin: 83% completion percentage, 312 passing yards per game, 58 rushing yards per game, 4 touchdowns per game, 0 interceptions and a 2-0 record.

2. Marcus Lattimore: 177 rushing yards per game, 22 receiving yards per game, 2 touchdowns per game and a 3-0 record.
3. Ronnie Hillman: 160 rushing yards per game, 17 receiving yards per game, 2.67 touchdowns per game and a 3-0 record.
4. Seth Doege: 81% completion percentage, 363 passing yards per game, 4 touchdowns per game, 0 interceptions and a 2-0 record.
5. Darrin Moore: 11.5 catches per game, 169 receiving yards per game, 2 touchdowns per game and a 2-0 record.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Bachelor Pad Finale Recap

I think we all knew Ella was going to lose the challenge and then cry about it so no surprise there.

The episode didn't really get cracking until Kasey went to pout in the weeds, that was good footage. Also I appreciated the discarded bunk beds outside the compound, that was so L.A., I was just waiting to see some dude pull up in a truck and start loading them.

Who cares about the $250,000, when a perfect rose record is broken.

Michael is a legit dude. Any questions I had about him evaporated when he picked Money and Graham. I can't say so much for Graham. Graham buddy don't you think it was a little case of calling the kettle black complaining about friendship is more important than the game.......did you forget what you did to your friend Gia....and to say it's not about the money, if there is one thing I've learned it's that when someone says it's not about the money it's all about the money.

Encino Man, that is why you don't quit a show where you can win $250,000 for a girl, for a dude, maybe.

Jake and Kasey with a man hug, that was touching.

Kasey, I'm not sure what just happened. It will be hard to convince me you are not the guy who was shown, when you are dating Vienna, and you guys are friends with Erica now? Weird.

Money you should not have made the announcement that you did not want pity votes.

Blake and Holly could not have seemed more orchestrated to create drama for the keep/share decision at the end but I am always happy to see people find true love.

Bachelor Pad is now rivaling the bachelor/ette franchise on couples getting married which makes me very happy.

All said it was a great season and I can't wait for the next installment. We'll talk again in a few months when we find out if Ben can find true love.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

College Football Week Two

It was a tough week watching Utah lose to USC, but I have to admit it sure is better to be competing with USC and losing than winning another game against Wyoming.

Here is this week's Top 25:
1 Oklahoma St. 10
2 Texas 10
3 Auburn 10
4 Alabama 9.5
5 South Florida 9.5
6 Florida International 9.5
7 Houton 9.5
8 Kentucky 9.5
9 Florida 9
10 Ohio St. 9
11 Michigan 9
12 USC 9
13 Stanford 8.5
14 South Carolina 8.5
15 California 8.5
16 Wisconsin 8
17 Ohio 5.5
18 Bowling Green 5.5
19 TCU 5.25
20 BYU 5.25
21 Tulsa 5.25
22 Florida St. 5
23 Oklahoma 5
24 Texas A&M 5
25 Clemson 5

And for the Heisman:
1. Robert Griffin
2. T.Y. Hilton
3. Ray Graham
4. Marshall Lobbestael
5. Tyler Bray

Monday, September 5, 2011

Bachelor Pad Recap: Let's Get It Over With!

What else was I going to title the recap. Alright maybe I could have went with "I wish he would have brought a bunch of condoms".

Let's get right to Kasey and Vienna. Call me old fashioned but taking her promise ring for withholding sex seems entirely appropriate to me. Next was shaming her into it by saying just say yes like you did with Wes like you did with Dave Good like you did you did you did with..... Since that didn't work I think he had no choice but to up the ante, either we hook up or no $250,000, finally Vienna got the picture and gave us the words we all want to hear "let's get it over with". Some people claim make up sex is the best I would argue that manipulation sex is way better.

On to the other priceless one, Erica. She had so many historical lines that it is hard to recap all of them. About Vienna "this is a mansion not a trailer park"....very astute analysis. During the nearlywed game "I'm kind of a slut"....hilarious. When Blake tried to analogize bringing a bunch of condoms as a negative "I agree and wish he would have"....she will make a great lawyer. "Blake hooked up with the craziest girl in the house and a girl who has a fiance, at least I hooked up with the bachelor".....again I can't argue with that. Erica is super smooth and seductive and I don't know how Blake was able to resist. He should have just "released any tension there might have been".

Money I hope Brielle wasn't watching you straddle Graham in the hot tub. Last week we taught her it is not alright to kiss guys, so I'm not sure what message she is going to get from this week.

Blake if you wanted to stay maybe you should have held off on making out with Holly in front of Michael on voting night.

Ella, I have to agree with the other contestants your story is getting a little played. The story about your mom is rough but we get it already you deserve the money and you are a single mom who needs the money. You are a contestant on the Bachelor Pad one of the sleaziest (not in a bad way) shows ever. The person that deserves the money is the person that wins the show, which will be Graham and Money (in my opinion).

Next week is going to be must see tv, I may have to set up some sort of live recap to capture all of what will be an unforgettable evening.

College Football Week One

Nice week for the Pac 12 with losses to a D2, Houston and a beatdown in the marquee game of the week.

Why couldn't Utah State recover an onside kick, it would have been the perfect way to start the season. I gotta give it to Coach Andersen he coached a perfect game and the call to take a delay of game on purpose and then run the fake field goal is one of the best calls I've seen.

Boise St. could have beat Georgia by 35 to 40 points if they wanted, which makes me wonder why they don't just start sticking it to teams? If I was the coach or AD I would start running it up until you get respect.

Here it is the 1st Top 25:

1 Mississippi St. 5.5
2 Ohio 5.5
3 Bowling Green 5.5
4 Kentucky 5.5
5 Northwestern 5.5
6 Colorado St. 5.5
7 South Florida 5.5
8 BYU 5.5
9 Stanford 5
10 Ohio St. 5
11 Alabama 5
12 Florida 5
13 Wisconsin 5
14 Florida St. 5
15 Oklahoma 5
16 Texas A&M 5
17 Oklahoma St. 5
18 Florida International 5
19 Texas 5
20 Clemson 5
21 Michigan 5
22 Northern Illinois 5
23 West Virginia 5
24 South Carolina 5
25 Pittsburgh 5

And My Heisman Top 5:

1. Robert Griffin
2. Robert Woods
3. Landry Jones
4. Matt Barkley
5. Vick Ballard

The only Top 25 matchup we have this week is #8 BYU vs. #19 Texas. Other matchups we are looking forward to is Nick Foles v. Brandon Weeden who are No. 1 and No. 2 in passing yards.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Super Conferences

So all the buzz around college football (other than Miami's illegal receipt of cash, hookers, steaks, abortions, suits, bling and more cash) has been conference realignment. I think we are headed to 4 super-conferences with 16 teams in each and here are my predictions of how it plays out:

Pac 16:
1. Washington
2. Washington St.
3. Oregon
4. Oregon St.
5. Stanford
6. Cal
8. USC
9. Arizona
10. Arizona St.
11. Utah
12. Colorado
13. Texas
14. Oklahoma
15. Oklahoma St.
16. Texas Tech

1. Arkansas
2. Mississippi St.
3. Mississippi
4. Alabama
5. Auburn
6. Tennessee
7. Georgia
8. Florida
9. South Carolina
10. Vanderbilt
11. Kentucky
12. LSU
13. Texas A&M
14. Florida St.
15. Miami
16. Clemson

1. Wisconsin
2. Illinois
3. Indiana
4. Ohio State
5. Penn State
6. Purdue
7. Michigan State
8. Iowa
9. Michigan
10. Minnesota
11. Nebraska
12. Northwestern
13. Missouri
14. Rutgers
15. Pittsburgh
16. Notre Dame

1. Boston College
2. South Florida
3. Louisville
4. Maryland
5. North Carolina St.
6. Wake Forest
7. Georgia Tech
8. Duke
9. West Virginia
10. North Carolina
11. Virginia
12. Virginia Tech
13. Connecticut
14. TCU
15. Kansas
16. Syracuse

With the contraction of the Big 12 the biggest losers of realignment will be Baylor, Kansas St., Cincinatti, BYU, Boise St., Iowa St., Houston and Air Force, but I don't see where they can fit in.

If I were the Mtn. West I think I would go to 16 teams to try and compete and try to obtain some sort of chance to get a team into the inevitable playoff. I would probably go with:

1. Boise St.
2. Tulsa
3. Colorado St.
4. Air Force
5. San Diego St.
6. Fresno St.
7. Hawaii
8. New Mexico
9. Baylor
10. Kansas St.
11. Iowa St.
12. Cincinatti
13. Houston
14. BYU
15. UNLV
16. Nevada

Take The Money and Run

This show really should be called Take the Money and Run...........and immediately confess your fake crime therein losing $100,000.

So when I heard about the show I thought the premise had a lot of potential. You are given a case with $100,000 and you have an hour to hide it. After the hour is up two policemen and two interrogators try to find the case, if they find it within 48 hours they get the money, if not the contestants get it.

However, the show gets real cheezy when the officers come and actually arrest the contestants and take their mugshots and incarcerate them. The mind blowing part of the show thus far is that the contestants continually give in to the pressure of interrogation and incarceration for their pretend crime and squeal like a stuck pig.

Only 1 of 5 contestants has been successful so far, and 3 of them have outright told the police where it is. Am I missing something? This cannot be real. This is a Jerry Bruckheimer show, he of Amazing Race creation, but I am not buying it.

I will provide some free legal advice to the fake criminals:
1) When they ask you where you hid the case reply "Bangladesh" over and over again.
2) Any other question they ask you should be answered with an "I can't remember".
3) Yes or No questions should be answered with "maybe".

They don't call me the Lexus Lawyer for nothing.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

In Honor Of Return of College Football....

I give you my two favorite pump you up traditions:

1. Virginia Tech Entrance to Enter Sandman, the best entrance in football:


2. Wisconsin's 4th Quarter Jump Around:

Who doesn't love these, I'm ready to roll.

Monday, August 29, 2011

BP Recap: Erica You're Hired

Erica Rose is in law school? Consider this an open offer to join the firm, as a partner, whenever you are ready. I already changed the letterhead to Nielsen & Rose and I ordered a massage table for the conference room.

So shocked to see Jake go, you got us again ABC.

I was happy to see the return of the kissing competition! But Money? Are you for real? Why are we suddenly trying to set an example, do you think Brielle didn't see this:

or this:

I think it's a little late to set an example for 6 year old girls. I do however love how you are the new narrator at the end of the episode as the voice of reason.

So this may be controversial but I am on team Blake on this one. Michael you blew your chance with Holly and she is so right, now that she goes on a date with someone else you are totally fatal. You looking for her when she got back from the date creeped me out.

Who doesn't wear their emotions on their hair ties and panties, isn't that a given?

Melissa I am surprised you didn't quit before now, so hold your head up high. You seem like quite a catch to me and I'm not sure why everyone else doesn't see it (I no longer live at the same address so don't try to find me).

Well I would make this recap longer but I have to give myself at least 6 minutes uninterrupted to brush my teeth.

Monday, August 22, 2011

BP Recap: I write excellent recaps that I maintain with reality tv injections nightly

Hey Jake, three things I am very blessed at: 1) an ability to write amazing BP recaps; 2) an ability to spot real love when I see it (ie Jake & Erica); and 3) and an ability to be superduper smart and funny and good looking and I think I have an advantage over the other bloggers due to my extensive training in reality tv watching.

Vienna did you say that you have had no alone time with Kasey......uh I beg to differ we all saw the infamous double blur from week one. If we don't see another double blur asap you may be headed for "another public tv breakup".

Did anyone else notice that when Kasey told Vienna that she was acting crazy they immediately panned to the protect and guard tattoo. You can't buy such quality production, pure Jenius.

Now did anyone else notice that at minute 46 Graham has a rose, and then minute 47 no rose, and then minute 48 Money goes to get the rose. Uh Oh! You can't buy such quality production.

"Melissa is psycho" while panning to Vienna pounding a butcher knife in a Pocaontas bikini.......and production you totally redeem yourself.

Relationship advice from the star of Rock of Syphillis, I mean Love. Alright another "did you notice": that the rose Holly was holding during "Every Rose Has A Thorn" didn't have a thorn.

Okay I wasn't going to go here, but Erica I loved your interpretation of a foot massage.

"I definitely have good lips.......that I maintain..........with getting injections every six months. "I can't trust Melissa as far as I can throw her and even though she is really tiny is not very far", not much more I can add to those gems.

"My love for you is infinity".......followed by "I don't want it to be an engagement ring"......followed by opening the ring box the wrong way.........followed by the best freestyle love song performance ever = 3 of the best minutes of my life!

BP leaving us with a cliffhanger, nice touch, but you can't fool Free Parking my money is on Jake going home.

Monday, August 15, 2011

BP Recap: Are You Ready? I'm Going To Punch You Mentally.

It's guard and protect time.

Has there ever been a reality show where it has been easier to win $250K? All you have to do is not quit and you have a great shot at winning.

Chris Harrison has once again shown why he is America's favorite host...classic telling Vienna you will call her a cab. Hey Vienna, you got paid to broadcast your breakup with Jake which would imply that you weren't forced to televise it.

The heart is beating.

Ella you may have survived but you are still fatter and uglier than Erica.

Erica I don't think I've ever had such a dramatic swing of how I felt for someone. I felt terrible for you and then you reminded us that Ella is thicker than you and should have been the target. Although I dig the preview of you hooking up with Jake......SPOILER ALERT: If Jake and her don't hook up next week, then you know Jake is not getting voted out.

Encino man, that was an admittedly pimp move, you knew you were next so why not act like you gave up 250K for a girl, it is a sure way to get some. I did love your wave and giggle before you ran for the limo but I am shocked and dismayed that you could love Jackie more than you loved Ashley, especially after you just met her, you and Ashley broke down so many walls and I don't think Jackie has been with you long enough to break down any walls.

Blake, you are hot but you broke the cardinal rule of this type of format. You can flirt all you want, but you never ever ever ever hook up just to gain favor. That strategy has never worked.

Gia, I usually am a critic of those who quit, but you looked like you just needed a hug.....I'm here and I won't treat you like Jake, Wes, Kasey or Graham. I will guard and protect and unlike Jake, Wes and Kasey I'll always choose you over Vienna (unless I see Vienna at Wells Fargo again in stripper heels and the opportunity inevitably presents itself).

Was it just me or was the show a little short, I think we need to go back to the 3 hour format. We could easily do 50 minutes of just Kasey interviews and quotes. How does he have friends? Kirk and Graham seem cool, but they hang with Kasey, so ????????????

I better just post this, my tattoo artist just got here and this is going on my lower back:

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BP Recap: Best 3 Hours Ever

So when I went to the DVR and saw that Bachelor Pad was going to be three hours I have to say I was thinking this is a little too much...too much awesome for one night.....and indeed it did not disappoint. My salient points and analysis:

Jake: Jake we already know Vienna is a freak, yeah you spazzed on live tv during the breakup but we have moved on as we can clearly see that Vienna is nuts. I am actually going to go against the grain by calling Jake out, I don't think his giving the rose to Vienna was anything more than another attempt to clean up his image by apologizing for yelling at her. The right thing to do would have been to give it to a friend who stood up for you.....Gia.

Vienna: We aren't buying it, give it a rest. I do have to give you credit on giving us the first fully nude blur in Bachelor history.

Kasey: "I'm in the best shape of my life, I've gained 30 pounds of solid muscle I just want to punch the guy" followed by "I'm gonna go take a Jake and wipe my Pavelka". Two of the funniest lines I've ever heard on TV. This coming from a guy who got a tattoo on the bachelorette promising to protect and guard Ali's heart. You better watch it though you already broke your promise to Vienna not to fight on TV.

Gia: I loved her grease board summary of what's been going on with her life, she is awesome. What am I missing with her: superhot, funny and sweet and she has now had two guys dump her for Vienna and her mom haircut.....smh.

Money: Good job on the challenge, you deserved to win.

Ames: I went from a mere month ago thinking you liked guys to being the biggest pimp on the show.

Who is the chubby princess?

Blake: You are hot, I think you should have held out to be the next Bachelor, you can't put a price on true love.

It would be ironic if Rated R was left on a glacier.......oh well I guess a driveway in Malibu will have to do for you Kasey. It was a nice exit though..... at least he gets to go back to real life where he dominates.

Alli (is that her name) what did you expect you played it so dumb, it's like you've never watched the real world/road rules challenge. RW/RR Challenge should be required viewing for anyone going on BP if you want to know how to play it.

BP is definitely shaping up to be one of the best reality competitions of all time and spoiler alert Blake and Holly and the other Blonde are not going home next week.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bachelorette Recap: Poor Ry Ry

Very unbachelorette for them to show us who returned right from the get go.

It was so fun to see Ryan back and to see him get sent home for the second time. I loved when she was pumping him up and he had that goofy smile and then she hit him are an idiot.

Is there a bigger Delta Bravo than Ryan? No.

So I can either go hit it or go home...hmm I guess I'll go home.

Have there ever been so many contestants to quit the show out of pure annoyance at who was the bachelor/ette?

Constantine if I were going to jump off a waterfall I would suggest aqua socks over converse.

Ashley "we" did not decide for Constantine to go home "he" decided.

Ben, you said the magic words and it isn't I love you but rather I broke down my walls. There is nothing more effective for finding true love than to break down walls.

Ryan's least favorite word: "but"

Why did Ashley change into more clothes with JP in the fantasy suite?

Ryan you are from CDM yet you continually wear office casual to the beach.

What would have happened if either Ben or JP did not accept the rose? Considering three people have already left I thought it was a very risky decision for Ashley and ABC.

Where was Harrison to tell us there was only one rose remaining? That is just not right to break format at this point.

So it comes down to this JP v. Ben, two great guys who have broken down some serious walls this year and who are really at this point committed to true love and to maintaining that hope of a happy ending and to spending the rest of their lives together.

P.S. Bachelor Pad is going to be must see TV and Bentley we already suspected that you were better in bed than the rest of the contestants.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Bachelorette Recap: Water Heaters and Urine Lanterns

You d d d d d don't wa wa wa want to me me me meet my fa fa fa fa fa family. You have no i i i i, you have no i i i i i d i i de i i, I'm going to be a good father.

Ryan when are you going to learn that talking about your passions and what is important to you will never lead to true love. You need to talk about breaking down walls and connections and chemistry and the power of love, that is what makes people fall in love. Also FYI, I love hot showers, and I am not afraid to sit in that hot shower for 45 minutes if I feel like it, and my water heater better be ready and better keep pumping or I am going to be furious. I was personally relieved to find out that my water heater is working all day and is ready for me to take a hot shower on a whim.

Ames, you have come a long way since your days of running around Encino with Pauly Shore, congrats buddy.

I can't believe that Constantine stayed after that dog urinated all over his and Ashley's love. That was a sign if I've ever seen one.

I wasn't surprised to see Lucas go, how comfortable can Ashley be with a guy who just fell out of love with his last wife. I can see cheating or addiction but just falling out of love, red flag for me.

So it comes down to the Josh Grobans, JP and Encino Man. I don't think there has ever been a worse foursome in Bachelorette history. There aren't a lot of good options here, it sure is looking like JP, which sure makes me look really smart if you go back to my first Bachelorette recap. What can I say I am really in touch with my emotions and I can pick out true love when I see it.

P.S. Bremily, we are so shocked, that it didn't work out. No need to pretend, we knew it was over at after the final rose when he could hardly contain himself from backhanding you.

My suggestion to Emily:


Either would be a great choice for you.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bachelorette Recap: The long awaited .

So after several weeks of . . . we finally got the .

The long awaited return of Adolf Bentley was quite tense. I for one found the conversation and interaction between Bentley and Ashley riveting, but admittedly I may be in the minority on that view. I so wanted Bentley back on the show but alas it wasn't to be.

Does anyone else want to go to Hong Kong? It looked magical and I can only imagine seeking true love over dinner in a junk boat or listening to the mystical sounds of the erhu while the fog rolls in over city lights. It was beautiful and the perfect setting for Ashley to move past that meanie Bentley in her quest for true love.

Not since Gerald (with a hard G) from the Joe Schmo show has there been a more gotta be gay guy than Ames. Someone needs to let him know asap that just because Ashley and Constantine have the same chest size, they are not the same in all regards.

I was proud of Mickey for standing up for what is right and leaving the show, only thing is I am not sure when he joined the show.....has he been on all season?

Quite surprised with Ryan getting the rose on the group date. I am not buying what he is selling, with his exuberance and positive outlook on life. Maybe if I lived in CDM my attitude would change.

Ashley could you please get rid of one of the Geico Josh Grobans, it is getting very difficult for me to distinguish Constantine from Ben during the previews for upcoming weeks.

My week 1 prediction of JP is looking really solid right now, but love is very unpredictable and I'm not taking it to the bank yet. Based on those ABC previews there is still a lot to go down so stay tuned.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bachelorette Recap: ...

Did we get played or what, led to believe that this was the week that Bentley returns, touche ABC preview guy, got us again.

Episode started a bit slow, we survived a mental kiss between Ashley and Benstantine to get to the group date where it got a little more fun.

I was so shocked that Ames got the pink shorts, and that he then got knocked out.....shocking. Is there anything less romantic than a guy faking a concussion, it really ruined the evening. With all of those tired muscles the date was inevitably headed for a hot tub and then Ames goes to the hospital and ruins it.

The head to head date was really good. William narcs on Ben and he gets sent down the river, literally, without even confirming the truth of Will's statements. Then poor Will gets the boot and tells us he is going to kill himself. Eaaaasssssssssy William, be more gentle with yourself, how can you say you have nothing to go home to, I'm sure the cell phone sales kiosk at the mall held your position. I was half expecting Mike Seaver to come on afterward with a public service announcement about suicide.

In the end Nick got the boot which came as no surprise as no one with that hair and that tan is looking for real love.

The previews teased us again with a Bentley sighting and even though I got played this week, I can't wait to see this go down. Can you imagine if all the dudes just quit over it, potential Bachelorette history. Poor Ashley is showing us again that she is the most insecure empty headed dentist in the Country, but after watching her with Womack are we really surprised? Oh, but what I would pay to be sitting with her watching the Bentley episodes back.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Celeb Sighting: Dr. Will

Saw Dr. Will of big brother fame at Jamba Juice this week, he looks younger by the day, definitely no wrinkles.

Bachelorette Recap: "If Bentley Were Here"

I am really getting over Ashley quick. I have to concur that it would have been much better with Emily or Chantal. Could Ashley have said one more time "If Bentley Were Here"........

Is there anything less romantic than building an orphanage?

Which was more awkward: a) Blake breaking up with Ryan because of his positivity; b) Brad boiling over with anger at "after the final rose" with Emily or c) Ryan explaining that the reason he is so positive is that he doesn't have mortars going off around him.

I'm glad that my guy J.P. is the best kisser on the show, I knew that from the beginning.

Who is going to break the news to Ames that this is not "The Bachelor", I bet he was more disappointed to not see Brad waiting for him when he got out of the limo than Bentley was to not see Emily.

And finally, I hope you all watched the preview for next week! I can't believe she cut "The Mask" and he is already back and that he is in the hotel .......crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Restaurant Review: Sol Y Luna

A lot of valley celebs seem to like Sol Y Luna so thought I would give it a try. The atomosphere was good..lots of people and Mariachi singers crooning. I had beef tacquitos and Wifey had a Carnitas Burrito, but I wasn't overly impressed. As a salsero myself I am always on the hunt for good chips and salsa, the chips were alright but the salsa wasn't very good. The tacquitos were a little overcooked for my liking. The green sauce on the carnitas burrito was good, but nothing blew me away or made me think that I have to go back.

Maybe I ordered wrong, which is a rarity, but I was disappointed. I heard it was owned by the same Fuentes family from Las Fuentes and Melody's, but this is definitely the weak link in the family.

Here is menu:


Address & Phone:
19601 Ventura Blvd
Tarzana California 91336

Monday, June 6, 2011

Bachelorette Recap: June 6, 2011

I have to say, this was one of the best episodes of all time...right up there with when Ed could not perform in the bedroom.

My SLC homies are really representing. Money tore it up last season and now Bentley oh Bentley. I loved that right before she completely got played Ashley said she was ready to just move to Salt Lake City and ride off into the sunset, and I didn't even know she was Mormon.

A few of Bentley's great lines: 1) Ashley is kind of like the ugly duckling; 2) I started kissing her on the neck to try and turn her on a little bit; 3) How can I give you my heart when it already belongs to my daughter; 4) We were in a great position to start something, she was straddling me.

Obviously the whole episode was carried by Bentley, but a few other important points:

- Mask never should have removed the mask, we knew that was coming

- Ashley why do you have a "roast" date and then cry when you get roasted, maybe you should have had a love poem contest instead of a roast.

- Happy to see my prediction JP finally get a chance and to survive.

Next week should be super-exciting as the contestants go to Phuket (no pun intended).

Restaurant Review: Barone's

Went to Barone's on Saturday based on recommendations from many and it didn't disappoint. They serve thin crust Neapolitan rectangle pizzas. I ordered Canadian Bacon and Pepperoncinis. It had a little spice, nice thin crust and savory sweet sauce.

The large ran me $18.50, but the leftovers have also been surprisingly outstanding. I am not a fan of leftovers, but throw Barone's in the toaster over for a few minutes and it comes out good as new.

If you like thin crust this is definitely one of the best in the 818.

22435-D Ventura Blvd
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

(818) 703-1700

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Final Poll 2010

Alright, the final poll is in. Auburn ran away with it.

1 Auburn 20
2 TCU 11.5
3 Boise St. 10.5
4 LSU 9.75
5 Oklahoma 9.5
6 Arkansas 7.75
7 Alabama 7.25
8 Oregon 6.25
9 Nevada 5.5
10 Stanford 5.25
11 Wisconsin 5.25
12 Ohio St. 4.5
13 Oklahoma St. 4.5
14 Missouri 3.5
15 Utah 2.75
16 Virginia Tech 2
17 Texas A & M 2
18 Michigan St. 1
19 North Carolina St. -0.5
20 South Carolina -0.5
21 Hawaii -1
22 Nebraska -1.5
23 San Diego St. -2.25
24 Florida St. -2.5
25 Notre Dame -2.5
26 Mississippi St. -2.75
27 Air Force -2.75
28 Northern Illinois -3
29 West Virginia -3.5
30 Iowa -4.5
31 Tulsa -4.5
32 Miami Ohio -4.5
33 Florida -6
34 Maryland -6
35 Connecticut -6
36 Southern Mississippi -6.5
37 Ohio -6.5
38 USC -7
39 Texas Tech -7
40 UCF -7.5
41 Fresno St. -7.5
42 Navy -8
43 Temple -8
44 North Carolina -8
45 Pittsburgh -8.5
46 Toledo -9.5
47 Syracuse -10
48 Troy -11.5
49 South Florida -12