Saturday, June 28, 2008

Coke Zero

So with all of the trans fat which is being inserted into our food and the conspiracy of the fast food industry to make us fat what is one to do?

Who can really afford to drink calories nowadays?

Not to worry, there is a revolution going on often referred to as the Coke Zero revolution. This thirst quencher certainly has revolutionized my life. If you haven't had it you need to get to your supermarket and pick up a 12 pack, immediately. I would be willing to wager that if you took a blind taste test with coke zero and regular coke that you could not tell the difference.

I am currently averaging close to 50 ounces per day and I have lost 16 pounds. I was told that I am supposed to drink more water so I have increased my coke zero intake as the # 1 ingredient is....water.

The biggest fatality in this revolution has to be diet coke. I mean really, how could one in good conscious buy a diet coke at the supermarket when coke zero is sitting right next to it. It is truly nonsensical to buy a diet coke when the taste is far inferior to that of CZ. It would be like going to Sizzler and having them tell you that Ruth Chris is next door and they are selling steak for the same price and then choosing the Sizzler steak (speaking of Sizzler, is it really possible that it is the only sit down steakhouse I was taken to as a child until I reached the age of 19, and to think I had to get straight A's, no cavities and 270 hours of weeding to receive that!).

FP would also like to give props to Corner Bakery for putting coke zero in their fountains they are ahead of the game, but we need to be doing our part. When you eat out and they ask you what you want to drink you reply nonchalantly with Coke Zero as if it is normal. I have been doing this and have received responses ranging from a blank stare at Chilis to como? at McDonalds. I think if we have enough people reporting back to their managers about people requesting coke zero that we will soon have it in every restaurant.

P.S. If there are any coke executives out there reading this blog I will accept free product for my continued pimping of your delicious drinks.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Diddy Riese

I just went to Diddy Riese last Friday, and it is quite possibly the best dessert per capita for price paid or cent for cent the best dessert on the planet. For those who have not been, you choose two cookies from their wide variety and then you choose a flavor of ice cream to be placed between the two cookies therein forming an ice cream sandwich.

I was first introduced to this glory by my friend Cameron and at that time it cost a whole $1.00. Three years later inflation forced a reluctant increase to $1.25 and recently they have had to kick it to $1.50, which in my humble but always right opinion, is still a bargain (I blame President Bush for the price increase). They also have brownies, hot dogs and a 32 oz drink for $.90, which these days is unheard of.

Now, the biggest complaint people have is the unavailability of parking in Westwood. FP loves some Diddy but FP does not like to pay for parking, so here is your free parking guide for Diddy Riese (926 Broxton Drive, click on Map to enlarge):

1. The best free spot is on Roebeling Avenue, but may require some patience.
2. Strathmore Avenue, Landfair Avenue and Glenrock Avenue are also free, and if all else fails head up Gayley and their are numerous side streets at the top of the hill which are free, but will require a small jaunt.
3. The lots in Westwood are high priced lots, but if you can find a meter you may want to take advantage, the best place to find meters is on Le Conte and Leverling, everywhere else is nearly impossible.

P.S. I recommend ordering "The Jono" which is candy cookie, chocolate chip cookie with mint chocolate chip ice cream. Also don't be afraid to try a hot dog with mustard and onions. Finally you cannot leave without checking to the left of the register for the day old baker's dozen sold at half price. Most cookie shops would be passing these off as freshly baked.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Video Gem: Boom Goes The Dynamite

This video is pretty classic, I would watch sportscenter every night if it were this entertaining.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Interview with McKay

Free parking had the privilege and opportunity to interview McKay. Many of you may know him from his role on Step Up 2: Take it to the Streets or from his role as an extra on Judge Joe Brown or Deal or No Deal.

FP: The question burning on everyone’s mind is, how do you pay your bills?
M: Stock Market

FP: Big Mac or Whopper?
M: Whopper

FP: What religion are you?
M: Mormon, hahaha, that is the stupidest question I've ever heard.
FP: I think religion is interesting.

FP: Give us a life in the day of McKay?
M: I generally wake up about 9:30 and the first thing I do is check the market for 5 to 30 minutes depending on if I have to make a trade. Then I go to the gym and do some lifting depending on what day it is. Then I come home eat lunch and do the market some more, it varies for how long. Used to go study for a test but now I just go to Borders to read or sometimes play some volleyball. Then dinner and whatever is going on that night, I usually go to bed about 1:30.

FP: That sounds like a sweet life.
M: It is.

FP: Who are some big name celebrities that you have worked with?
M: Melora Harden. FP: Who is that? M: Jan from the Office. FP: Who else? M: Matthew Perry, Zac Efron, Shia Labouf.

FP: Who is hotter Labouf or Efron?
M: Efron.

FP: I personally enjoyed your performance on Step Up 2 Take it to the Streets, how did you prepare for this role?
M: Good question, since this was my first movie role as an extra I didn’t prepare at all I just went.

FP: Is it true that you know Brooke White from American Idol?
M: Yes.

FP: What is she like.
M: Very friendly and sincere.

FP: Have you ever had a disease?
M: No.

FP: Not even a STD?
M: No

FP: If you could spend a day with 3 people from history who would they be?
M: Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith and George Washington.

FP: How many girls have you hooked up with in the last month?
M: 2

FP: How many guys have you hooked up with in the last month?
M: 0
FP: Are you sure?
M: Yes

FP: Have you ever hooked up with a minority?
M: No, wait let me think, is Japanese a minority, yes I hooked up with a half Japanese.

FP: Are you racist?
M: No

FP: Maybe just prejudiced?
M: No.

FP: Do you kiss right to left or left to right or can you do both?
M: I can do both

FP: What is your favorite city in the U.S.?
M: Umm, I don’t have one the first city that pops into my mind is Indianapolis but it is probably not going to be my favorite, so I'll say yet to be found.

FP: Favorite restaurant?
M: Best restaurant I've been to is St. Elmos.

FP: Peeps or Robin Eggs?
M: Peeps.

FP: The Supreme Court of California just legalized gay marriage. If you were gay would you move to California so you could marry your gay lover?
M: No, because I can’t imagine that.

FP: Maxim or Stuff?
M: Maxim

FP: Sports Illustrated or ESPN the magaizine?

FP: Fortune or Forbes?
M: Fortune

FP: US or People?

FP: Do you have a stock tip for 2008?
M: No, market is too crazy right now. FP: How are you paying your bills if the stock market is too crazy? M: Right now I am doing a lot of long and short trading. Short means that if the market goes down you earn. Long is when....FP: This answer is long.

FP: Gates or Buffett?
M: Buffett

FP: Who is the hottest girl in the world?
M: Adriana Lima.
FP: Do you know who her boyfriend is?
M: Yes Marko Jaric, it gives me hope that if he can get a girl like that….

FP: Do you have a girlfriend?
M: No.

FP: What is her name?
M: I don’t have a girl friend.

FP: How long have you been going out?
M: Not applicable

FP: Who was your last girlfriend?
M: Abbie

FP: Is she a celebrity?
M: No

FP: Who broke up with who?
M: She dumped me.

FP: Why?
M: She has a hard time committing.

FP: Does she read this blog?
M: You never know she might, I know the readership is quite worldwide. I’m actually at her house right now she is one of the 2 that I have kissed in the last month.

FP: So you will kiss a girl without any commitment?
M: Yeshh.

FP: Have you asked her about doing this interview?
M: Like getting permission, No.

FP: You are a rebel.
M: Alright

I am going to end the interview now, your hollywood attitude seems to be getting in the way of a cordial response to my questions.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Doyer Stadium

Alright as many might recognize I have moved my blog over to blogspot as it is easier to manipulate.

I appreciate your free parking requests and I will get to them all in due time. It appears that many of my faithful readers will be going to the doyers tomorrow and who really wants to pay $15 to park somewhere where you can't get out when the game is over. So lets break down Chavez Ravine:
I have personally used all of these spots and have learned some of the hard lessons for you. Lesson No. 1 is do not park in the parking lots on Stadium Way north of Academy for a night game. I did this on one occasion and came back at 10:30 p.m. to find my little 1989 BMW convertible locked in the park parking lot. I wanted to go ahead and sleep there, but Anneli heckled my manhood to the point that I turned the lights off drove on the grass through the park while swerving to avoid trees and jumped the car over the sidewalk and curb onto Stadium Way. Suffice it to say the traffic leaving the game on Stadium Way looked like they had just seen a UFO.
The best free spot is on Academy Drive right outside the northeast entrance to the stadium, but these spots are often gone, however this is generally where I start, because on that rare occasion when you get a spot it feels so good to walk an extra 50 feet from the people who just dropped 4 dodger dogs on parking.
A solid backup is Lilac Terrace and there are almost always spots, however on busy games you may end up almost on Lookout Drive which can be a bit sketchy it reminds me of the movie Training Day.
Stadium Way between Academy and Eleysian Park often has spots and it is a busier street so you can feel more secure.
Boylston St. has some good spots, the closer to Stadium Way the shorter your walk. If all else fails (ie the Police Concert with 65,000+ fans) you can proceed to the top of Boylston Street and hike down to Academy Drive the walk back up really sucks as it is a steep hill, but I have never not gotten a spot on Boylston if you are willing to go to the top. Also on the map you will see a short dead end off of Boylston, if you walk to the end of the dead end you will have a beautiful panoramic view of downtown L.A.
A bit of advice, this is Echo Park and if you don't have street cred such as myself try not to look to white or you are putting a target on your car saying please remove my CD player as soon as I leave.
I hope many can use this tomorrow and at future events as we need to send a message to the McCourts that we are not cool with the 75% increase in ticket prices, the 50% increase in parking and the insane food prices.

Lost Finale: WTJB

What The Jeremy Bentham

Where do I even start with this. So I for one have never trusted Jeremy Bentham or Henry Gail or Juliet for that matter. I also must admit that I did not email myself with the prediction of Jeremy Bentham being in the casket (for those of you new to Jono's world, I regularly email myself predictions on TV shows which I save in a predictions folder in my email for later use when the predictions come to fruition).

My highlights of the episode:
1. Sayid's fight with Keamy: I don't know how Saddam Hussein didn't lock Sayid up to a long-term deal while he was still in Iraq. Had he done so he probably would have never been captured and taken to Guantanamo.
2. Hurley playing chess with Mr. Eko: Huh? Anneli and I could use a third player for Cities and Knights if you are interested Mr. Eko.
3. Jeremy Bentham being "Welcomed Home" by the never-aging Richard: Do we now trust The Others? I don't.

My Alternate Ending: I really wish that when they saw Penny's boat that when they got closer that Tom would have come out with his lover and said we're gonna have to take the boy.

Finally, now that there have been more deaths on the show it may be time to revisit the best-looking cast members still alive on the show:

1. Sun (I know this may be controversial, but I don't think it is even close)
2. Kate (Knows how to handle a weapon and wear a nightgown)
3. Juliet (Kinda cute for an "Other")
4. Claire (She really lost the baby weight quickly and seems very sweet)
5. Rose (Not many left to choose from, Charlotte is boring so why not go with a Sister)

1. Sawyer (Rugged handsomeness)
2. Jack (I know Anneli doesn't agree as he is not only her #1 on the show but also in the world)
3. Sayid (Him snapping Tom's neck with his legs solidifies his spot)
4. Desmond (Accent adds to his sexyness)
5. Mikhail (Anyone that can have their brain ooze out their ears and still look good while rocking an eye patch is worthy of this list)

After I post this blog I will be immediately heading to my email to start emailing all of my predictions for next year to myself, until then see you in another life brothers.

Free Parking

Welcome to my blog. As some may know I am borderline obsessed with not paying for parking. In L.A. this can be problematic at times, but not to worry I am here to help the masses.

My blog is going to be dedicated to discussing all the truly important things in life [ie Team Spencer or Team Brody?.....Can the proposed new version of 90210 come close to comparing to the old version (word on the street is that Kelly will be returning as an employee and mentor at BH High, she should be an expert at counseling kids on drug addiction, abstinence in high school, being burned in a fire, eating disorders, ending up in a cult etc...)? Why does spanish have the same word for wife and handcuff...Esposa? Is Dr. Mario the most underrated video game of all time? Housewives of Orange County or New York?]

Finally, every so often I will divulge a free parking tip so without further adieu:We'll start with an easy one just to get everyone warmed up. Here is the Burbank airport and this spot found on W. Vanowen Place is closer than most of the pay parking. You park on the east side of Vanowen Place adjacent to Vanowen Street. There is no street cleaning or time limit, you simply get out of your car, cross the street and you are at the terminal. I've done it many a time and never had a break in or any other problems.