Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm Backkkkkkkk

Alright so I obviously have not had my priorities in order over the last month and it took an episode of Friday Night Lights to make me realize that I need to get it together, from now on it goes as follows in order of importance:

1) TV/Blog
2) Religion (just to be safe)
3) Homemade Salsa
4) Family
5) Work

I promise to never again put causing division, strife and pain by suing as many people, corporations and families as possible....before my blog.

Now back to Friday Night Lights. HANDS DOWN THE BEST SHOW ON TV. I love you Office, Lost, Hills, Island, One Tree Hill and 90210 but Friday Night Lights has it all...Teen Drama and Angst...Comedy...Good Writing...Great Characters.

I know it got jettisoned to the Directv channel (101 for those with Directv) which limits many potential viewers, (however to those without Directv let us discuss. First question would be, why? Second question would be, what are you waiting for? At this point it is clearly a step ahead of all other media providers. You get the Mtn., you get Friday Night Lights, you get 100 hours of DVR and Hi-Def all over the place). When you are switching over please let them know I sent you, my account number is 38457761.

So this week Coach Taylor was put in a real pickle at the quarterback position. Put in the freshman phenom or stick with the gutsy yet less skilled senior who has been through so much on and off the field. Perhaps he should lob a call to Mr. Whittingham. The Utes have a similar situation with the hugely talented Corbin Louks yet they have the gutsy five year senior Brian Johnson who just wins games. Whittingham has done an excellent job of slowly working in Louks in order to maintain continuity and team chemistry. We'll see how it goes for Coach Taylor as next week it looks like it is going to hit the fan.

Tyra, seriously you suck. I think Landry might be the coolest high schooler on TV and you dump him for Cowboy Cash, who is clearly nothing more than a player. I mean what does Landry have to do, kill someone for you? Oh wait he already did that! It broke my heart when you left him there alone after he got his wisdom teeth out

Finally, the moment that changed my perspective on life. Smash Williams (pictured on the top right) through the help of loyal friends, teammates, coaches and family finally got his chance and he will now be playing for Texas A & M while getting a college education. I haven't welled up that much since my daughter was born.

Props Smash you deserved it bro.