Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I just finished the series finale and this post may not properly express everything that The Hills means to me....as I am overcome with emotion.

The finale just went right to the heartstrings and when they played Jay-Z's forever young that was all I could handle....it was a beautiful moment. I started to get it together and then a remix of Natasha Bedingfield's theme song....truly beautiful.

For the interpretation of the ending scene with the Hollywood set, I am going against the grain. I think they were throwing it in all of the haters' faces who say the show was fake. You can't fake true emotion and that is all I felt at the end. Liz Gateley is a genius and she just flipped the script, it was real, passionate and raw and I loved it.

So lets run down my final thoughts on the characters.

Spencer: this was the only disappointing part for me, I think it is unfortunate that he was cut out of the show, love him or hate him you can't deny that the flesh-colored beard is entertaining.

LC: you got a little annoying toward the end of your reign, but I got nothing but love for you. You were the original and I know you had everyone's best interests at heart.

Heidi: It was sad to see the clips of her, as she really has problems. We're praying for you Heidi.

Brody: You really bugged me at times, but you can't deny the swag and your last scene with Kristin was uh mazing!

JB: "You can call me whatever the hell you want." He is a good looking man and I believe he and Audrina will be happy together for eternity.

Kristin: The B is back. Always fun and very misunderstood. I so wanted to give you a hug you looked so hurt, but you'll be good, you are smart and incredibly talented.

Audrina: What a sweetie, that's all I have to say. You are genuine and loving and you deserve the best.

Lo: Whatever.

Enzo: You looked like a stud riding that elephant at your birthday party.

Stacie: Best bartender in town.

Jason "Big Baller" Wahler: You are a man's man. I know you are going through a lot, but you'll pull through, stay strong my man.

Stephanie: I think it turns out you were kind of the glue. They tried to make you out as crazy but you were always mediating and bringing people together and you deserve some real credit.

I'll miss all of you!

Monday, July 5, 2010

So I must admit I wasn't a huge Ali fan during Jake's season, but I think I am officially a convert, and if I wasn't I definitely became more interested in her personality when she went to the Turkish bath.

Last week we finally got rid of Rated R, it was a long time coming especially after the fiasco of him wearing his boot on different feet during the same episode. So now the question becomes who is the favorite to win her heart and spend the rest of their life in blissful companionship and marriage with Ali.

From episode 1 I have been a Frank fan. I think he is genuine and he doesn't seem to be the typical meathead. However, I was quite disturbed at the previews showing Frank potentially breaking her heart, but I'm not going to give in to creative editing quite yet.

Here are the Free Parking Odds:
Roberto 3 to 1 (He is fine and seems to have a decent personality)
Frank 4 to 1 (Great personality but perhaps a little bit desperate)
Kirk 6 to 1 (Good looking but may be all looks)
Chris L. 12 to 1 (Fun, but not ready or mature enough for a serious relationship)
Ty 30 to 1 (The previous divorce has to raise serious red flags)

I'll be tuning in tonight for the excitement and romance!