Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bachelorette Recap: The long awaited .

So after several weeks of . . . we finally got the .

The long awaited return of Adolf Bentley was quite tense. I for one found the conversation and interaction between Bentley and Ashley riveting, but admittedly I may be in the minority on that view. I so wanted Bentley back on the show but alas it wasn't to be.

Does anyone else want to go to Hong Kong? It looked magical and I can only imagine seeking true love over dinner in a junk boat or listening to the mystical sounds of the erhu while the fog rolls in over city lights. It was beautiful and the perfect setting for Ashley to move past that meanie Bentley in her quest for true love.

Not since Gerald (with a hard G) from the Joe Schmo show has there been a more gotta be gay guy than Ames. Someone needs to let him know asap that just because Ashley and Constantine have the same chest size, they are not the same in all regards.

I was proud of Mickey for standing up for what is right and leaving the show, only thing is I am not sure when he joined the show.....has he been on all season?

Quite surprised with Ryan getting the rose on the group date. I am not buying what he is selling, with his exuberance and positive outlook on life. Maybe if I lived in CDM my attitude would change.

Ashley could you please get rid of one of the Geico Josh Grobans, it is getting very difficult for me to distinguish Constantine from Ben during the previews for upcoming weeks.

My week 1 prediction of JP is looking really solid right now, but love is very unpredictable and I'm not taking it to the bank yet. Based on those ABC previews there is still a lot to go down so stay tuned.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bachelorette Recap: ...

Did we get played or what, led to believe that this was the week that Bentley returns, touche ABC preview guy, got us again.

Episode started a bit slow, we survived a mental kiss between Ashley and Benstantine to get to the group date where it got a little more fun.

I was so shocked that Ames got the pink shorts, and that he then got knocked out.....shocking. Is there anything less romantic than a guy faking a concussion, it really ruined the evening. With all of those tired muscles the date was inevitably headed for a hot tub and then Ames goes to the hospital and ruins it.

The head to head date was really good. William narcs on Ben and he gets sent down the river, literally, without even confirming the truth of Will's statements. Then poor Will gets the boot and tells us he is going to kill himself. Eaaaasssssssssy William, be more gentle with yourself, how can you say you have nothing to go home to, I'm sure the cell phone sales kiosk at the mall held your position. I was half expecting Mike Seaver to come on afterward with a public service announcement about suicide.

In the end Nick got the boot which came as no surprise as no one with that hair and that tan is looking for real love.

The previews teased us again with a Bentley sighting and even though I got played this week, I can't wait to see this go down. Can you imagine if all the dudes just quit over it, potential Bachelorette history. Poor Ashley is showing us again that she is the most insecure empty headed dentist in the Country, but after watching her with Womack are we really surprised? Oh, but what I would pay to be sitting with her watching the Bentley episodes back.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Celeb Sighting: Dr. Will

Saw Dr. Will of big brother fame at Jamba Juice this week, he looks younger by the day, definitely no wrinkles.

Bachelorette Recap: "If Bentley Were Here"

I am really getting over Ashley quick. I have to concur that it would have been much better with Emily or Chantal. Could Ashley have said one more time "If Bentley Were Here"........

Is there anything less romantic than building an orphanage?

Which was more awkward: a) Blake breaking up with Ryan because of his positivity; b) Brad boiling over with anger at "after the final rose" with Emily or c) Ryan explaining that the reason he is so positive is that he doesn't have mortars going off around him.

I'm glad that my guy J.P. is the best kisser on the show, I knew that from the beginning.

Who is going to break the news to Ames that this is not "The Bachelor", I bet he was more disappointed to not see Brad waiting for him when he got out of the limo than Bentley was to not see Emily.

And finally, I hope you all watched the preview for next week! I can't believe she cut "The Mask" and he is already back and that he is in the hotel .......crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Restaurant Review: Sol Y Luna

A lot of valley celebs seem to like Sol Y Luna so thought I would give it a try. The atomosphere was good..lots of people and Mariachi singers crooning. I had beef tacquitos and Wifey had a Carnitas Burrito, but I wasn't overly impressed. As a salsero myself I am always on the hunt for good chips and salsa, the chips were alright but the salsa wasn't very good. The tacquitos were a little overcooked for my liking. The green sauce on the carnitas burrito was good, but nothing blew me away or made me think that I have to go back.

Maybe I ordered wrong, which is a rarity, but I was disappointed. I heard it was owned by the same Fuentes family from Las Fuentes and Melody's, but this is definitely the weak link in the family.

Here is menu:


Address & Phone:
19601 Ventura Blvd
Tarzana California 91336

Monday, June 6, 2011

Bachelorette Recap: June 6, 2011

I have to say, this was one of the best episodes of all time...right up there with when Ed could not perform in the bedroom.

My SLC homies are really representing. Money tore it up last season and now Bentley oh Bentley. I loved that right before she completely got played Ashley said she was ready to just move to Salt Lake City and ride off into the sunset, and I didn't even know she was Mormon.

A few of Bentley's great lines: 1) Ashley is kind of like the ugly duckling; 2) I started kissing her on the neck to try and turn her on a little bit; 3) How can I give you my heart when it already belongs to my daughter; 4) We were in a great position to start something, she was straddling me.

Obviously the whole episode was carried by Bentley, but a few other important points:

- Mask guy........you never should have removed the mask, we knew that was coming

- Ashley why do you have a "roast" date and then cry when you get roasted, maybe you should have had a love poem contest instead of a roast.

- Happy to see my prediction JP finally get a chance and to survive.

Next week should be super-exciting as the contestants go to Phuket (no pun intended).

Restaurant Review: Barone's

Went to Barone's on Saturday based on recommendations from many and it didn't disappoint. They serve thin crust Neapolitan rectangle pizzas. I ordered Canadian Bacon and Pepperoncinis. It had a little spice, nice thin crust and savory sweet sauce.

The large ran me $18.50, but the leftovers have also been surprisingly outstanding. I am not a fan of leftovers, but throw Barone's in the toaster over for a few minutes and it comes out good as new.

If you like thin crust this is definitely one of the best in the 818.

22435-D Ventura Blvd
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

(818) 703-1700