Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Death of Death Row

So a few weeks ago I was in Bankruptcy Court (just another day as an Esquire Extraordinaire) and one of the cases called before mine was the Death Row Records case. The Judge called the case and 9 white lawyers promptly proceeded to rise to represent varying interests.

I couldn't help but reminisce about the old days of Death Row.....Suge, Tupac, Dre, Snoop and the crew runnin the west coast, hangin fools like Vanilla Ice from balconies, and now what....reduced to a bunch of white attorneys trying to weasel any crumbs left from the Empire.

This was the day before the election and I was just about to give up hope that Black America would ever get the respect they deserve. Then I thought about the poignant words of Tupac in his epic song Changes "we aint ready to see a black president" followed by the stirring Nas video "Black President" and I know Pac has to be smilin on the Island where he is living.

Pac the masters to all your songs may have been sold to creditors through the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, but at least we got a black president....or at least a Hawaiian president.

Monday, November 24, 2008

My Graceful Entry On To The Field

Alright look at the 1:17 point, I am in a white long sleeve t-shirt, you see me go over the wall but it takes a good 17 seconds to see me emerge. Tanner was right behind me in the brown sweatshirt.

Perfect Portrayal of 95% of Zoobies

I think this speaks for itself, no need for further discussion on this one.