Monday, September 26, 2011

Top 25 9/26/11

It's great to see the OBC back at the top.

Justin Blackmon is only 21 but I think he may be even more of a man than the 40 year old Mike Gundy. He looks like a top 5 pick.

For those of you wondering if it was a good idea for Utah to leave for the Pac 12, take a look at the MWC this week: Exhibit A - Sam Houston St. over New Mexico; Exhibit B: Southern Utah University over UNLV. Some of you may not know that Mr. Free Parking spent some of his formative years at SUU and I'm sure there was a party at Manzanita or the Birdhouses or Brad's Slut Hut after the big victory, nice work T-Birds.

Top 25 For This Week:
1 South Carolina 18.5
2 Oklahoma St. 17
3 Michigan 17
4 Alabama 16.5
5 Florida 15.5
6 LSU 14.5
7 Nebraska 14.5
8 Georgia Tech 13.5
9 South Florida 13.5
10 Clemson 13
11 Illinois 13
12 Texas 12.5
13 USC 12.5
14 Virginia Tech 12
15 Florida International 12
16 Oklahoma 11.5
17 Stanford 11
18 Houton 11
19 Auburn 11
20 Wisconsin 10.5
21 Boise St. 10.5
22 Iowa State 9.5
23 Penn St. 9.25
24 Baylor 9
25 Notre Dame 9

Heisman Top 5:
1. Robert Griffin (Again)
2. Marcus Lattimore
3. LaMichael James
4. Case Keenum
5. Denard Robinson

Matchups to watch this week: #19 Auburn at #1 South Carolina; #4 Alabama at #5 Florida; #10 Clemson at #14 Virginia Tech; #12 Texas at #22 Iowa State; and #7 Nebraska at #20 Wisconsin. 5 Top 25 matchups should make for a good week.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Top 25 - 9/19/11

The Wolverines are back

1 Michigan 14
2 USC 14
3 Oklahoma St. 13.5
4 Texas 13.5
5 Florida International 13.5
6 South Carolina 13.5
7 Florida 13
8 Wisconsin 12.5
9 Stanford 12
10 Houton 12
11 Alabama 11.5
12 North Carolina 10
13 Georgia Tech 9.5
14 Oklahoma 9.5
15 South Florida 9.5
16 West Virginia 9.5
17 LSU 9.5
18 San Diego St. 9.5
19 Iowa State 9.5
20 TCU 9.25
21 Texas A&M 9
22 Clemson 9
23 Nebraska 9
24 Illinois 9
25 Auburn 8.75

As for the Heisman:
I still Like:

1. Robert Griffin: 83% completion percentage, 312 passing yards per game, 58 rushing yards per game, 4 touchdowns per game, 0 interceptions and a 2-0 record.

2. Marcus Lattimore: 177 rushing yards per game, 22 receiving yards per game, 2 touchdowns per game and a 3-0 record.
3. Ronnie Hillman: 160 rushing yards per game, 17 receiving yards per game, 2.67 touchdowns per game and a 3-0 record.
4. Seth Doege: 81% completion percentage, 363 passing yards per game, 4 touchdowns per game, 0 interceptions and a 2-0 record.
5. Darrin Moore: 11.5 catches per game, 169 receiving yards per game, 2 touchdowns per game and a 2-0 record.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Bachelor Pad Finale Recap

I think we all knew Ella was going to lose the challenge and then cry about it so no surprise there.

The episode didn't really get cracking until Kasey went to pout in the weeds, that was good footage. Also I appreciated the discarded bunk beds outside the compound, that was so L.A., I was just waiting to see some dude pull up in a truck and start loading them.

Who cares about the $250,000, when a perfect rose record is broken.

Michael is a legit dude. Any questions I had about him evaporated when he picked Money and Graham. I can't say so much for Graham. Graham buddy don't you think it was a little case of calling the kettle black complaining about friendship is more important than the game.......did you forget what you did to your friend Gia....and to say it's not about the money, if there is one thing I've learned it's that when someone says it's not about the money it's all about the money.

Encino Man, that is why you don't quit a show where you can win $250,000 for a girl, for a dude, maybe.

Jake and Kasey with a man hug, that was touching.

Kasey, I'm not sure what just happened. It will be hard to convince me you are not the guy who was shown, when you are dating Vienna, and you guys are friends with Erica now? Weird.

Money you should not have made the announcement that you did not want pity votes.

Blake and Holly could not have seemed more orchestrated to create drama for the keep/share decision at the end but I am always happy to see people find true love.

Bachelor Pad is now rivaling the bachelor/ette franchise on couples getting married which makes me very happy.

All said it was a great season and I can't wait for the next installment. We'll talk again in a few months when we find out if Ben can find true love.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

College Football Week Two

It was a tough week watching Utah lose to USC, but I have to admit it sure is better to be competing with USC and losing than winning another game against Wyoming.

Here is this week's Top 25:
1 Oklahoma St. 10
2 Texas 10
3 Auburn 10
4 Alabama 9.5
5 South Florida 9.5
6 Florida International 9.5
7 Houton 9.5
8 Kentucky 9.5
9 Florida 9
10 Ohio St. 9
11 Michigan 9
12 USC 9
13 Stanford 8.5
14 South Carolina 8.5
15 California 8.5
16 Wisconsin 8
17 Ohio 5.5
18 Bowling Green 5.5
19 TCU 5.25
20 BYU 5.25
21 Tulsa 5.25
22 Florida St. 5
23 Oklahoma 5
24 Texas A&M 5
25 Clemson 5

And for the Heisman:
1. Robert Griffin
2. T.Y. Hilton
3. Ray Graham
4. Marshall Lobbestael
5. Tyler Bray

Monday, September 5, 2011

Bachelor Pad Recap: Let's Get It Over With!

What else was I going to title the recap. Alright maybe I could have went with "I wish he would have brought a bunch of condoms".

Let's get right to Kasey and Vienna. Call me old fashioned but taking her promise ring for withholding sex seems entirely appropriate to me. Next was shaming her into it by saying just say yes like you did with Wes like you did with Dave Good like you did you did you did with..... Since that didn't work I think he had no choice but to up the ante, either we hook up or no $250,000, finally Vienna got the picture and gave us the words we all want to hear "let's get it over with". Some people claim make up sex is the best I would argue that manipulation sex is way better.

On to the other priceless one, Erica. She had so many historical lines that it is hard to recap all of them. About Vienna "this is a mansion not a trailer park"....very astute analysis. During the nearlywed game "I'm kind of a slut"....hilarious. When Blake tried to analogize bringing a bunch of condoms as a negative "I agree and wish he would have"....she will make a great lawyer. "Blake hooked up with the craziest girl in the house and a girl who has a fiance, at least I hooked up with the bachelor".....again I can't argue with that. Erica is super smooth and seductive and I don't know how Blake was able to resist. He should have just "released any tension there might have been".

Money I hope Brielle wasn't watching you straddle Graham in the hot tub. Last week we taught her it is not alright to kiss guys, so I'm not sure what message she is going to get from this week.

Blake if you wanted to stay maybe you should have held off on making out with Holly in front of Michael on voting night.

Ella, I have to agree with the other contestants your story is getting a little played. The story about your mom is rough but we get it already you deserve the money and you are a single mom who needs the money. You are a contestant on the Bachelor Pad one of the sleaziest (not in a bad way) shows ever. The person that deserves the money is the person that wins the show, which will be Graham and Money (in my opinion).

Next week is going to be must see tv, I may have to set up some sort of live recap to capture all of what will be an unforgettable evening.

College Football Week One

Nice week for the Pac 12 with losses to a D2, Houston and a beatdown in the marquee game of the week.

Why couldn't Utah State recover an onside kick, it would have been the perfect way to start the season. I gotta give it to Coach Andersen he coached a perfect game and the call to take a delay of game on purpose and then run the fake field goal is one of the best calls I've seen.

Boise St. could have beat Georgia by 35 to 40 points if they wanted, which makes me wonder why they don't just start sticking it to teams? If I was the coach or AD I would start running it up until you get respect.

Here it is the 1st Top 25:

1 Mississippi St. 5.5
2 Ohio 5.5
3 Bowling Green 5.5
4 Kentucky 5.5
5 Northwestern 5.5
6 Colorado St. 5.5
7 South Florida 5.5
8 BYU 5.5
9 Stanford 5
10 Ohio St. 5
11 Alabama 5
12 Florida 5
13 Wisconsin 5
14 Florida St. 5
15 Oklahoma 5
16 Texas A&M 5
17 Oklahoma St. 5
18 Florida International 5
19 Texas 5
20 Clemson 5
21 Michigan 5
22 Northern Illinois 5
23 West Virginia 5
24 South Carolina 5
25 Pittsburgh 5

And My Heisman Top 5:

1. Robert Griffin
2. Robert Woods
3. Landry Jones
4. Matt Barkley
5. Vick Ballard

The only Top 25 matchup we have this week is #8 BYU vs. #19 Texas. Other matchups we are looking forward to is Nick Foles v. Brandon Weeden who are No. 1 and No. 2 in passing yards.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Super Conferences

So all the buzz around college football (other than Miami's illegal receipt of cash, hookers, steaks, abortions, suits, bling and more cash) has been conference realignment. I think we are headed to 4 super-conferences with 16 teams in each and here are my predictions of how it plays out:

Pac 16:
1. Washington
2. Washington St.
3. Oregon
4. Oregon St.
5. Stanford
6. Cal
8. USC
9. Arizona
10. Arizona St.
11. Utah
12. Colorado
13. Texas
14. Oklahoma
15. Oklahoma St.
16. Texas Tech

1. Arkansas
2. Mississippi St.
3. Mississippi
4. Alabama
5. Auburn
6. Tennessee
7. Georgia
8. Florida
9. South Carolina
10. Vanderbilt
11. Kentucky
12. LSU
13. Texas A&M
14. Florida St.
15. Miami
16. Clemson

1. Wisconsin
2. Illinois
3. Indiana
4. Ohio State
5. Penn State
6. Purdue
7. Michigan State
8. Iowa
9. Michigan
10. Minnesota
11. Nebraska
12. Northwestern
13. Missouri
14. Rutgers
15. Pittsburgh
16. Notre Dame

1. Boston College
2. South Florida
3. Louisville
4. Maryland
5. North Carolina St.
6. Wake Forest
7. Georgia Tech
8. Duke
9. West Virginia
10. North Carolina
11. Virginia
12. Virginia Tech
13. Connecticut
14. TCU
15. Kansas
16. Syracuse

With the contraction of the Big 12 the biggest losers of realignment will be Baylor, Kansas St., Cincinatti, BYU, Boise St., Iowa St., Houston and Air Force, but I don't see where they can fit in.

If I were the Mtn. West I think I would go to 16 teams to try and compete and try to obtain some sort of chance to get a team into the inevitable playoff. I would probably go with:

1. Boise St.
2. Tulsa
3. Colorado St.
4. Air Force
5. San Diego St.
6. Fresno St.
7. Hawaii
8. New Mexico
9. Baylor
10. Kansas St.
11. Iowa St.
12. Cincinatti
13. Houston
14. BYU
15. UNLV
16. Nevada

Take The Money and Run

This show really should be called Take the Money and Run...........and immediately confess your fake crime therein losing $100,000.

So when I heard about the show I thought the premise had a lot of potential. You are given a case with $100,000 and you have an hour to hide it. After the hour is up two policemen and two interrogators try to find the case, if they find it within 48 hours they get the money, if not the contestants get it.

However, the show gets real cheezy when the officers come and actually arrest the contestants and take their mugshots and incarcerate them. The mind blowing part of the show thus far is that the contestants continually give in to the pressure of interrogation and incarceration for their pretend crime and squeal like a stuck pig.

Only 1 of 5 contestants has been successful so far, and 3 of them have outright told the police where it is. Am I missing something? This cannot be real. This is a Jerry Bruckheimer show, he of Amazing Race creation, but I am not buying it.

I will provide some free legal advice to the fake criminals:
1) When they ask you where you hid the case reply "Bangladesh" over and over again.
2) Any other question they ask you should be answered with an "I can't remember".
3) Yes or No questions should be answered with "maybe".

They don't call me the Lexus Lawyer for nothing.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

In Honor Of Return of College Football....

I give you my two favorite pump you up traditions:

1. Virginia Tech Entrance to Enter Sandman, the best entrance in football:


2. Wisconsin's 4th Quarter Jump Around:

Who doesn't love these, I'm ready to roll.